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The Blackswan Affare (Promo Posters)
These posters are to promote the release of "The Blackswan Affare," a comic book, audio album, and set of online videos that tell the story of two rogue agents on the run from a secret organization. Most of these posters are collages of photos from different sources brought together in Photoshop and rendered to have an illustrated look.

Credits: Digital illustration, rendering, coloring and shading.

The woman holding the gun is a collage of three different women seemed together to create the position she is now in "holding a gun behind her back." Colors, hair, texture, line thickness, shading, light, background and subjects have all been incorporated to create a seamless scene. Finalized with tagline and logo.
The image in this poster is from a scene in the comic where the rare event of a coin landing on it's edge in the proximity of "Thousand Faces" triggers a myriad of improbable occurrences, i.e., piano's falling from above, holes in the sky, etc. Thousand Faces is racing towards the coin to make it fall flat in hopes that this will stop the apocalyptic chain of events. The tagline further emphasizes the danger by stating: "Today a coin fell on it's edge. There may not be a tomorrow."
A collage of various images based on lyrics from the album and the comic version of "The Blackswan Affare" to serve as the music files cover art. Various photos were placed in Photoshop, rendered with multiple effects plus a grungy texture, typography and logo.


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